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Echo Creek specialises in outdoor education and adventure programs for schools, corporate groups, community groups, special needs and private groups. Our programs are tailored to suit the needs of the participants and the outcomes of the school or group.

Programs commonly run for three days, but can range from half a day through to a full week or more of quality outdoor education. We also run expeditions on and off site for those seeking more of a challenging and rewarding experience.

Programs emphasize personal growth through experience and challenge. Individuals develop self reliance, responsibility, teamwork, confidence, compassion and environmental and community awareness. Above all, participants accomplish all of this while having fun.

Echo Creek instructors are passionate about educating in the outdoors. All of our activities allow for some form of teaching, from goal setting and stepping out of comfort zones through to teambuilding and leadership styles. When clients come to Echo Creek we discuss the outcomes the school or group would like to achieve. If your school has special values (ie pillars, key values) that it focuses on, we can tie these into our programs so that your group can relate their learnings back to school life.

Echo Creek utilises a range of outdoor adventure activities to emphasise learning through experience.

Please Note:

  • Each activity requires approximately 2 hours (maybe more depending on activity)
  • Minimum of 10 per group (can be negotiated)
  • Qualified Instructors
  • Smaller group rates POA (price on application)

Browse through our activities below or Contact us on (07) 4088 6212​ if you have any questions or would like to discuss your program

Challenge Course

A commando course designed on army style, fun and very challenging. This can be tailored in many ways for the needs of your group. We can tailor it more physically for the level of fitness of your participants or use it as a confidence course. It is most popular with school groups. 
Go On Challenge yourself! 

 $18.15 per head    |  Minimum numbers apply

Abseiling / Rock Climbing

Participants are taught to abseil and take care of their safety on the ground before heading up to the abseil rock to complete their abseil. Echo Creek has both a natural rock abseil at 6m and a purpose built tower at 6m, 8m and 10m platforms. Longer sessions can incorporate a mix of lower and higher abseils. All abseilers are controlled by a safety rope back up that the instructor controls. The instructor to participant ratio never exceeds 1:3 on the platform. Remaining group members are supervised by a registered teacher (from the school group) or another adult at the base of the tower.

Abseiling pushes participants to step outside of their comfort zones and is an extremely rewarding experience. The role of the group is to offer support and encouragement for each other as they have their turn.The natural rock abseil is a great beginner’s activity as the natural surface is not very high but definitely can take people by surprise. This is a fantastic learning experience with a great adventure element. 

 $25 per head    |  Minimum numbers apply

Laser Tag

Inspired by Popular Video Games, fun made easy and No fuss.

Our laser tag equipment is safe. The laser tag equipment works with infrared, just like your TV remote, so it’s harmless and eye safe.  It is like a “live” computer game that gets everyone out and about. It’s fun! Integrated sensors mean you can play either indoors or outdoors. Up to 20 people can play at once! It is suitable for kids of all ages (and the young at heart).

 $17.50 per head    |  Minimum numbers apply

Team Building

Is a great activity to assist participant’s balance, skill, listening, feeling, audible, team skills, leadership skills and communication. Participants take part in a number of developed activities such as Shelter making, Crazy tabloid, Parachute games etc. where participants learn to work together and use each other’s strengths to build or create and achieve a desired outcome. 

Echo Creek offers a range of Initiatives and problem solving activities in each program. These activities help individuals to develop trust, group cohesion and effective behaviours that will contribute to optimal growth and program goal achievement. This is a great activity in the test of trust as well! Suitable for all ages!

 $18.15 per head    |  Minimum numbers apply

Cultural Activities

We have a variety of Cultural activities available which will be updated on this website very soon.  In the meantime, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Phone (07) 4088 6212 for information.

(07) 4088 6212

Raft Building

Raft building is a dam based activity where the group is given a certain amount of equipment and they must design and construct a raft to support some of their team members. Equipment includes poles, rope, timber etc. Participants must wear PFD’s as they swim/paddle their craft out to the pontoon on the dam. 

Raft Building is a favourite amongst participants and is driven by group discussion and collaboration. In order for teams to achieve success they must show initiative in their design as well as teamwork in order to construct their raft efficiently.

 $18.15 per head    |  Minimum numbers apply


Here you will need to get your eye in on those big red dots. A great way to learn precision and the art of Bow and Arrow. Archery increases self- confidence and teaches the importance of safety. Archery is a great sport for boosting mental and physical fitness 

 $18.15 per head    |  Minimum numbers apply

Sports Rafting

Explore the nearby rivers and creeks by kayak, play games and paddling races. You will receive a safety brief and some paddling tips before going on your journey! Inflatable kayaking is a great way to demonstrate teamwork and communication between the two paddlers, with kayaking providing an individual challenge for many participants. Activities on the rivers and creeks are determined by the experience of the group.

The creeks and rivers are home to a wide range of flora, fauna and birdlife. We regularly sight jungle perch, black bream, water dragons, lace monitors, and turtles. We have also had sightings of platypus in the upper creeks.

 $70 per head or $116 for 1/2 day tour   |  Minimum numbers apply

Echo Creek Falls Bush Walk

Echo Creek Rainforest and Bush Tucker Tour takes you on a journey deep into the foothills of the Tully Valley and lush Wet Tropics Rainforest to the stunning Echo Creek Falls. You will be immersed into  an abundant array of flora and fauna.

Your local guide will interpret the rainforest environment along the walking track and you will also have the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing swim in the crystal clear watering holes along the creek. Stopping to take photos and capture the wonders of the Tropical Rainforest.

Duration: approx 4 hours

 $35 per head    |  Minimum numbers apply

Wild River & Creek Water Safety

Understanding the dangers of natural water ways and how you can be safe and enjoy the Tropical North’s rivers and creeks. You will learn some simple techniques if caught in flash floods or simply heavy rainfall. You will be taught how to pick the signs of rising water and what to look out for and work with the environment you are in.

By actively engaging students and empowering them with knowledge to keep them safe, we hope to prevent drowning accidents and minimize students getting into dangerous situations. Our Instructors have Swift Water Rescue qualifications. 

 $18.15 per head    |  Minimum numbers apply

More Activities

We are presently reviewing and updating our activities to ensure we bring you the best and & most current available.  Please contact us on (07) 4088 6212 to discuss your requirements or let us customise one to your needs.

Phone (07) 4088 6212 for information.

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